May 15, 2019

EF-to-EF Mentorship program between MAR Fund, Pacífico, and the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

This case study presents the activities, outcomes, benefits and challenges of a mentorship exchange between Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust (MEET), as the mentee, and Profonanpe, as the mentor, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and mutual learning around direct access modalities for climate financing through the Adaptation Fund (AF) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF).
December 11, 2014

Long-term resource mobilization at Costa Rica Forever: the case of a single closing deal

This is a case of a single closing resource mobilization strategy. In this multi-party deal, commitments from international donors and the government only become binding when all funds are secured.
December 11, 2014

Payment for Environmental Services in Costa Rica: The National Forestry Financing Fund

FONAFIFO is the public trust fund created to encourage the conservation and reforestation of lands outside of national parks and wildlife reserves. Authors: Tommie Herbert, Rebecca […]
May 15, 2019

Program related investment initiative for climate change adaptation

The Forever Costa Rica Association (FCRA) is launching a Program Related Investment (PRI) Initiative that will catalyze investments, with capital procured from the Debt-for-Nature Swap between Costa Rica and the United States, in small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) or businesses developing sustainable use programs within and surrounding the Second Debt-for-Nature Swap prioritized geographical areas.
December 11, 2014

Resource Mobilization Strategies for Environmental Funds

An introduction to traditional funding sources is followed by an overview of the institutional requirements for resource mobilization. The handbook further explores innovative funding mechanisms
December 12, 2014

Save Palo Verde Campaign: conservation finance via text messages

Forever Costa Rica presents a collaborative effort with the local media to raise fund for the conservation of the Palo Verde National Park through direct donations from companies and individuals via text messages.