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The Environmental Funds (EFs) Knowledge Platform is an online database of solutions implemented by EFs, with the objective of systematizing and sharing knowledge, so that EFs shorten their learning curves and promote innovation. It will be constantly enriched with new resources generated in the EFs' networks: RedLAC and CAFÉ.RedLAC is the Latin American and Caribbean Network of EFs, established in 1999 and currently congregating 22 members in 16 LAC countries. RedLAC’s mission is to set up an effective system of learning, strengthening, training, and cooperation aimed at contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in LAC.CAFÉ, the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment, was formed in 2010 and currently includes 16 members from 12 countries. CAFÉ´s mission is to build a learning community that shares best practices and pursues innovative finance mechanisms in order to foster conservation, environmental management and sustainable development in Africa.